Pola Golfowe w Czechach

Abbey Golf Club Hot

Abbey Golf Club Hot cz

Albatross Golf Resort

Albatross Golf Resort cz

Albatross Golf Resort

Austerlitz Golf Resort

Austerlitz Golf Resort cz

Austerlitz Golf Club was founded in 1994 as a civic association

Beroun Golf Resort

Beroun Golf Resort cz

Búřov Golf Club

Búřov Golf Club cz

Casa Serena

Casa Serena cz

Casa Serena locates in Central Europe near the historical UNESCO town of Kutna Hora, Central Bohemia, 53 km from Prague, Czech Republic

Cihelny Golf & Wellness Resort Karlovy Vary by Axx

Cihelny Golf & Wellness Resort Karlovy Vary by Axx cz

In the middle of the gorgeous nature of the Slavkovský forest, just 7 km away from Carlsbad, is a place that is ideal for relaxation

Czech Krumlov Golf Club

Czech Krumlov Golf Club cz

Český Golf & Country Club Krásný Dvůr

Český Golf & Country Club Krásný Dvůr cz

Derby Golf Club Slušovice

Derby Golf Club Slušovice cz

EG - CENTER s.r.o.

EG - CENTER s.r.o. cz

Golf & Country Club Hodkovičky

Golf & Country Club Hodkovičky cz

A golfing oasis just minutes from the centre of Prague

Golf & Country Club Prosečné

Golf & Country Club Prosečné cz

Golf & Country Club Svobodné Hamry

Golf & Country Club Svobodné Hamry cz

GOLF & RACING Club Karlovy Vary

GOLF & RACING Club Karlovy Vary cz

We built a prime quality golf course in a peaceful location of Carlsbad for you

Golf & Ski Resort Ostravice (CZ)

Golf & Ski Resort Ostravice (CZ) cz

Hřiště je situováno mezi dvěma nejvyššími horami Beskyd, Lysou horou a Smrkem, na úpatí hory Žár v obci Ostravice

Golf & Spa Kunětická Hora

Golf & Spa Kunětická Hora cz

The resort offers above-standard services for sports (golf course, indoor golf centre, driving range, cycling tracks), catering and hotel services

Golf - Barbora

Golf - Barbora cz

The premises of Golf Resort Barbora, the home course of golf players of BARBORA GC, are located in the foothills of the Ore Mountains, less than 5 km north-west of Teplice towards Duchcov

Golf - Harrachov

Golf - Harrachov cz

Golf - Karlovy Vary

Golf - Karlovy Vary cz

The Golf Resort Karlovy Vary Inc

Golf - Libouchec

Golf - Libouchec cz

Golf - Líšnice

Golf - Líšnice cz

The nine-hole golf course of Golf Club Líšnice is situated around 15 km south of Prague and can be reached by highway No

Golf - Podbořánky

Golf - Podbořánky cz


Golf ARES cz

Golf Bechyně

Golf Bechyně cz

The Bechyně golf course is located directly within the Černická obora nature reserve, which was founded by Peter Vok of Rosenberg in 1586, and lies a mere 7 km from the town of Bechyně

Golf Beřovice

Golf Beřovice cz

Golf resort Beřovice is situated in a beautiful landscape near the mythical mountain Říp less than 30 km south-west from Prague and only 6 km from the town Slaný

Golf Club Albrechtice

Golf Club Albrechtice cz

Golf Club Alfrédov

Golf Club Alfrédov cz

Alfrédov is one of the longest golf courses in the Czech Republic

Golf club Bitozeves

Golf club Bitozeves cz

Golf Club Botanika

Golf Club Botanika cz

Golf Club Franzensbad

Golf Club Franzensbad cz

Golf Club Grabštejn

Golf Club Grabštejn cz

Golf Club Haje

Golf Club Haje cz

Golf Club Havlíčkův Brod

Golf Club Havlíčkův Brod cz

Golf Club Hluboka nad Vltavou

Golf Club Hluboka nad Vltavou cz

Golf Resort Hluboká is the perfect place to hold your corporate golf tournament

Golf Club Holešov

Golf Club Holešov cz

Golf Club Horal

Golf Club Horal cz

Golf Club Hořehledy

Golf Club Hořehledy cz

PilsnerGolf Resort Horehledy is located in a picturesque countryside of Brdy Hills, 20km south of Pilsen

Golf Club Hukvaldy

Golf Club Hukvaldy cz

Golf Club Kynžvart

Golf Club Kynžvart cz

The beautiful, 18-hole, fully irrigated course, labelled GENIUS LOCI, is with its design an unforgettable experience for most players

Golf Club Lázně Kostelec

Golf Club Lázně Kostelec cz

Golf Club Liberec - Machnín

Golf Club Liberec - Machnín cz

Golf Club Luby

Golf Club Luby cz

Golf Club Mlade Buky

Golf Club Mlade Buky cz

The golf course in Mladé Buky has some of the greatest scenery in the country

GOLF CLUB Molitorov near Prague

GOLF CLUB Molitorov near Prague cz

Golf Club Most

Golf Club Most cz

Golf Club Mstětice

Golf Club Mstětice cz

Golf Club Na Vrších

Golf Club Na Vrších cz

Golf Club Osyčina

Golf Club Osyčina cz

Golf Club Podebrady

Golf Club Podebrady cz

Golf Club Praha

Golf Club Praha cz

Golf Club Radíkov

Golf Club Radíkov cz

Golf Club Semily

Golf Club Semily cz

Golf Club Stara Boleslav

Golf Club Stara Boleslav cz

The first of altogether three planned golf courses in Stará Boleslav boasts nine holes

Golf Club SVRATKA 1932

Golf Club SVRATKA 1932 cz

Golf Club Teplice

Golf Club Teplice cz

Golf Club Terasy Ústí n Labem

Golf Club Terasy Ústí n Labem cz

Golf Club Uno

Golf Club Uno cz

Golf Course Brno Automotodrom

Golf Course Brno Automotodrom cz

Golf Course Šilheřovice (CZ)

Golf Course Šilheřovice (CZ) cz

Master 18-hole golf course Park Golf Club in Šilheřovice is sensibly situated in an exquisite landscaped park, founded at the beginning of 19th century

Golf Dobrouč (CZ)

Golf Dobrouč (CZ) cz

Sportovní 18

Golf Hostivař

Golf Hostivař cz

Golf Hostivař is a modern golf complex situated in the eastern part of Prague

Golf Hrádek S.r.o.

Golf Hrádek S.r.o. cz

Golf JANOV s.r.o.

Golf JANOV s.r.o. cz

Golf Klub Darovanský Dvůr

Golf Klub Darovanský Dvůr cz

The Darovanský dvůr golf complex was created by the extensive reconstruction of a former farmstead dating from the 17th century



Golf Park Slapy

Golf Park Slapy cz

Golf Resort Benátky nad Jizerou

Golf Resort Benátky nad Jizerou cz

Golf Resort Black Bridge

Golf Resort Black Bridge cz

The resort is located in an eastern suburb of Prague, very easily accessible from downtown

Golf Resort Czech Lipa

Golf Resort Czech Lipa cz

The Golf Resort Česká Lípa was built on the north outskirt of Česká Lípa

Golf Resort Hotel Konopiste

Golf Resort Hotel Konopiste cz

There are 45 holes available in Golf Resort Konopiště

Golf Resort Karlštejn a.s.

Golf Resort Karlštejn a.s. cz

Golf Resort Karlštejn is one of the most beautiful golf courses in Europe and belongs to the most visited resorts in the Czech Republic

Golf Resort Kaskáda

Golf Resort Kaskáda cz

You have just discovered a golf paradise located only 25 minutes from Brno – between Kuřim and Jinačovice

Golf Resort LAKES

Golf Resort LAKES cz

Golf Resort Lazne Bohdanec

Golf Resort Lazne Bohdanec cz

Golf Resort Lipiny

Golf Resort Lipiny cz

Golf Resort Lipiny (Karviná-Lipiny) is the eighteen-hole golf course that will satisfy profes­sional players and beginners

Golf Resort Olomouc

Golf Resort Olomouc cz

Nothing beats fun and sport in an enchanting natural setting

Golf Resort Písek

Golf Resort Písek cz

Golf Resort Telc

Golf Resort Telc cz

Golf Sokolov

Golf Sokolov cz

The altitude of the course is 430 m above sea level and it covers an area of about 100 ha

Golf Srbsko

Golf Srbsko cz

Golfový areál Ještěd

Golfový areál Ještěd cz

The Golf Resort Jested is situated in the North part of Czech Republic on a sunny root of Jested Mountain only 40 minutes by car from Prague, 20 minutes from Liberec

Golfový Klub Symbióza Nebeská Rybná

Golfový Klub Symbióza Nebeská Rybná cz

Golfresort Čertovo Břemen

Golfresort Čertovo Břemen cz

Golfresort Monachus

Golfresort Monachus cz

Greensgate Golf & Leisure Resort

Greensgate Golf & Leisure Resort cz

Greensgate offers a demanding but beautiful golf course

Grosshof Golf Club

Grosshof Golf Club cz

Kořenec Golf & Ski Resort

Kořenec Golf & Ski Resort cz

Kotlina Golf Course Terezín

Kotlina Golf Course Terezín cz

Královský Golf Club Malevil

Královský Golf Club Malevil cz

Wake up in the middle of an eighteen-hole golf course, surrounded by beautiful forests and typical Lusatian hills, a dream of many golfers

KŠÍROVKA Golfový Areál

KŠÍROVKA Golfový Areál cz

Loreta Golf Club Pyšely

Loreta Golf Club Pyšely cz

Quality guarantee of the course is the name of the architect Keith Preston who designed an 18-hole masterful course with par 72 and personally supervised the entire construction

Panorama Golf Resort

Panorama Golf Resort cz

Park Golf Club a Restaurace Hradec Králové

Park Golf Club a Restaurace Hradec Králové cz

PaSport s.r.o.

PaSport s.r.o. cz

PGA National Czech Republic Oaks Prague

PGA National Czech Republic Oaks Prague cz

The course has been created by leading designer Kyle Phillips

Prague City Golf Club

Prague City Golf Club cz

Prosper Golf Resort Celadna (CZ)

Prosper Golf Resort Celadna (CZ) cz

Queen`s Park Golf Club Myštěves

Queen`s Park Golf Club Myštěves cz

Ringhoffer Golf Club

Ringhoffer Golf Club cz

Ropice Golf Resort (CZ)

Ropice Golf Resort (CZ) cz

Ropice Golf Resort rightly belongs among the top 10 Czech golf courses and is a popular playground for both professionals and less experienced players



ROYAL Golf Club Mariánské Lázně

ROYAL Golf Club Mariánské Lázně cz

The Marianske Lazne Golf Club course may serve as an example of Scottish and Irish golfing architecture from the end of the 19th century

Silesia Kravare Golf Resort

Silesia Kravare Golf Resort cz

Snail Golf Club Úholičky

Snail Golf Club Úholičky cz

Storks Nest

Storks Nest cz

Čapí Hnízdo is set in a typical Czech landscape

Twin Chapels Golf Resort

Twin Chapels Golf Resort cz

Twin Chapels – a modern golf resort which will attract not only golf sport lovers, but also nature and pleasant ambience lovers of all the age categories

Valašský Golfový Klub Rožnov (CZ)

Valašský Golfový Klub Rožnov (CZ) cz

Yard golf resort

Yard golf resort cz

The Yard Resort Golf Club is a civic association which has been a regular member of the Czech Golf Federation since 2012

YPSILON Golf Liberec

YPSILON Golf Liberec cz

The golf course Ypsilon Golf Liberec is situated at 420 – 470 metres above sea level, and it is placed in beautiful countryside with no civilisation rush nearby the Fojtka Dam near Liberec

GolfPlus Partner Główny
GolfPlus Partner Główny
GolfPlus Partner Główny
GolfPlus Partner
GolfPlus Partner
GolfPlus Partner
GolfPlus Partner
GolfPlus Partner
GolfPlus Pola Partnerskie
GolfPlus Partner Medialny
GolfPlus Partner Medialny
GolfPlus Partner Medialny
GolfPlus Partner Medialny
GolfPlus Partner Medialny


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